Beast and Princess summary:

The one who protects the princess is the beasts that can transform into humans!? <br>Yoseph the bear, Ludwig the hound, Miers the Canaria and Lichart the white horse, are the only friends Yulia, Vek Kingdom's first princess, has. Inside the tower which she can't escape from, Yulia spends her days leisurely with her friends reading books and listens to stories. One night, accused of assassinated the king and queen, Yulia escaped into the forest with her friends, her favorite book and a little bag she got from her mother. <br><br>“When you’re in serious trouble...this will save you...” Remembering her mother's words, Yulia opens the bag. Inside the bag is rainbow powder...?!<br><br>Fantasy romance of Love and adventure of the Princess and the beasts who are chased by the Kingdom. Popular Otome Game “The Beasts and the Princess” long-awaited comicalize!

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