B​oundless summary:

Three colorful heroes fight a corrupted superpower world where humanity has found and toyed with the very building blocks of god. A power to create, to destroy, to change the rules of the cosmos, this unbound matter is called "Clay". When man found it they used it to create super-powered god-like humans called "Boundless".

With the aid of the Boundless, humanity formed a massive and powerful force called "ARCH" and "saved" the world from itself. Their goal is to keep the order by any means and create more Boundless to strengthen their coil. With the powerful ARCH in control, no one has ever resisted them and lived, except for three renegade Boundless that will slowly try to spark the fire of chance and demolish ARCH. Mura, Ronin, Karasu soon meet a young girl named Kasa whose father was killed by a Boundless called Griffin of the Clay. The heroes must help Kasa and find the Clay before Griffin and ARCH do.

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