Boku to Miraiya no Natsu summary:

Well, meet Nekoyanagi Kennosuke, a mysterious man who claims to make his living as a miraiya–one who “deals with the future”. Just when Yamamura Fuuta is looking forward to his last summer vacation as a grade-schooler, the self-proclaimed miraiya barges into his life and turns what should have been an idyllic vacation into a series of events shrouded in mystery and filled with spine-tingling encounters. Strange things begin to surface all around the skeptical and unwilling Fuuta. This is a manga adaptation of Hayamine Kaoru’s novel of the same name. Squeal, gasp, cringe, tremble, but don’t forget to peek between your fingers from time to time as mangaka Takemoto Itoe adroitly transports you to the quiet, fictitious, rural town of Kamikushichou, where the woods are brimming with life in the vibrant Japanese summer.

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