Sun ken Rock summary:

Sun ken Rock Manga is a Japanese manga series illustrated and written by Boichi. A year after, Ken found that Yumin had actually became an officer in Korea. Yearning to view the girl he loved, Ken dropped out of high school become an officer just like Yumin and so that you can go to Korea. Though Ken was able to go to Korea, he found himself unable to become an officer and instead became a poor Shut in with occupation or no cash. From being mistreated with a bunch gang members after helping an old man, he was scouted by the head of a nearby gang headed by Tae-Soo Park who made him the manager that was new

The storyline revolves around Ken (the chief protagonist), a guy from an upper class family that was orphaned young because of his family's engagement with all the Yakuza; he became a highschool delinquent known for fighting. The thing that moves actions to be taken by him is through his amorous fondness Yumi, to get a classmate. At the first, the gang did not even have a foundation and solely consisted of few members. As the narrative advances The Sun ken Rock gang becomes larger as new members were recruited by them and take over other gangs' territories and investments. The Sun ken Rock Group gets an MMORPG firm, a substantial casino, among the greatest television media firms in Korea, in addition to garnering political favors (making them the strongest gang in Korea). Yet, throughout this, Ken has done his best to evade disclosing himself as a gang leader to Yumin as she despises gangs. In between the rise of Ken, Yumin and he got closer and Yumin began to have feelings for Ken. Nevertheless, matters were constantly complicated from the interference of either Ken's gang actions and the Yakuza links of Yumin. The collection, despite being quite adult-oriented, espouses many shonen-esque worth, including the need for camaraderie as well as the notion of being a "true man".

Main characters in Sun ken rock manga

Ken Kitano :
high school delinquent as well as the main protagonist who leaves Japan in pursuit of his love, Yumin and drops out of school. While in Korea he lives his life as a shut in for a whole year being not able to locate a real occupation. After saving an old man from being killed by loan sharks, he was scouted and encouraged to join an area gang(gondal) to work under Taesoo as among his underlings. After fighting against Taesoo, he was offered the job of manager rather. He declined since he desired to join the police force alongside Yumin but Taesoo finally controls him into taking the position. His strength and awareness of justice earns him the devotion of the local community as well as his gang. Ken's parents were killed over the course of a Yakuza war when he was 13. The character design of Ken is greatly impacted from Vash of Trigun Manga.

Yumi "Yumin" Yoshizawa :
Ken's love interest, a daughter that left Japan to become a policeman in the section in charge of organized crime. Her true name is Yumi and she's really Japanese. She hates gangsters, after it's found that she's the daughter of a Japanese Yakuza Boss that killed the parents of Ken. When she was young, her hate of gangs is because of her mom and sister being killed by other Yakuza. As the daughter of a Yakuza leader, she is an extremely competent fighter and has mastered some martial arts. She also has feelings for Ken while not understanding he's an underworld leader. She's shocked when she discovers that Ken is the leader from Banphuong. Feeling betrayed in the beginning, she faces Ken to forgive him after an apology afterwards, after which she cheers him with Ban-Phuong about the duel. The two decide to assault her dad's headquarters, but determine to take off time in a favorite holiday hotspot and ultimately make love in a church in a thunderstorm

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